In the field of installations, Tecnocurve stands out for its pipe-bending services, usually in stainless steel, designed for the movement of powders or particular substances (in the food sector and storage of materials, movement of liquids, powders, granules, etc.).


For this purpose we develop and use unconventional methods to guarantee the good esthetic quality of the system, even in case of pipes with very high diameter-thickness ratio, as in the photo shown above.

We also do more complex types of processing, such as:

  • concentric flat spirals in stainless steel;
  • helicoid spirals with constant pitch;
  • elliptical spiral with constant pitch;
  • helicoid spiral with constant pitch and connecting bends on the ends;
  • bending for power systems, power-plants (connection to succeeding sections).


We call your attention to the fact that the company, particularly in this sector, does pipe-bending with accessory processing prior to bending like drilling, slotting, lathing and grooving, providing the clients with all the processing necessary for the finished part.

We are at your disposal for more information.