Our processes of bending and roll bending of tubes are also used in the illumination sector.

The bent tubes and section bars we produce for this sector are used in lighting fixtures for stores, private homes and offices. The particular geometrical shapes requested by clients for specific projects, requiring variable radii on a single part, make cold bending the ideal solution in cases that would be difficult to produce otherwise.


The products for the illumination sector in which Tecnocurve bent tubes and section bars are used include:

  • Recessed lighting (ceilings, walls, floors)
  • Ceiling lamps
  • Floor lamps
  • Table lamps
  • Hanging lamps
  • Street lights
  • Exterior lighting

Metals and designs

Steel and stainless steel remain the most widely used materials for the production of lamps and chandeliers, but the most significant new development in this sector is the use of brass plates and bent and roll bent aluminum section bars.


Aluminum in particular, in consideration of its excellent ability to dissipate heat, is becoming one of the most widely used materials in this sector. It is a highly malleable material, which means it can be bent or roll bent to obtain unique shapes and designs.


In the past, bent steel was used in the illumination sector, mainly for structural purposes. Many contemporary design projects, however, are able to obtain esthetically valid solutions for lamps produced with this metal.

Accessory processing

In recent years, the developments that have involved the lighting sector have led designers and experts to expect the esthetic aspect of bent tubes to be close to perfection, so as not to detract from the design of their lamps. This requires additional processing after bending:

  • Laser: this is essential in order to include features such as slots and holes in the tubes and section bars, before bending them. These features serve to house the lamp body or to insert wires.
  • Work center: for drilling holes, with and without threading, possible only after bending and milling.
  • Turning: for drilling, threading, turning or milling the tube prior to bending.
  • Welding: after bending, the tubes can then be equipped with everything the client will need to assemble the finished product by welding plates, bushings or other processed tubes to them.

Bending and roll-bending

Bending and roll bending of tubes and metal section bars are essential processes for the production of lamps and chandeliers. It may also be necessary to process special profiles, different from the round or rectangular tube, with geometrical shapes and different bend radii.


Thanks to the use of new machinery like lathes and work centers of the latest generation, Tecnocurve is able to produce bent tubes and section bars that fully satisfy the needs of engineers and designers in the industrial lighting sector.


We also carry out a range of accessory processes like milling, drilling, threading, plating, tapering and tapered cutting.

Accessory processes prior to bending

In many cases, the accessory processes to be performed on the tube, like brushing or polishing, are carried out prior to bending. Since these processes give the lamp its essential esthetic value, the exterior aspect of the tube must remain unchanged, as much as possible, after the cold shaping process (bending or roll bending). Our staff are aware of the importance of this aspect and take all possible precautions to ensure this.

From 3D design to complete realization of the tube

We design and build the equipment right in our own plant for bending and roll bending tubes and metal section bars to be used in the production of lamps. Thanks to the use of the latest generation of 3D software and the skill of our technical office, we are able to create equipment that reduces to a minimum all those imperfections that can arise during the process of bending aluminum section bars or steel tubes, even when the shaping is done after brushing or polishing.

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