Bent tubes for industrial systems

We bend tubes in steel and stainless steel for any type of industrial system.

Types of systems

This category operates across the board because bent tubes are used in many different types of industrial systems, such as:
  • Food processing plants
  • Industrial systems for the storage and dosage of powders
  • Pneumatic conveyors
  • Round tubes for heating systems
  • Chemical processing plants
  • Power systems
  • Pharmaceutical production plants

Our certifications

A certified quality management system is essential to guarantee and maintain the company’s performance and value for our clients over the long term.


Tecnocurve is ISO 9001 quality certified by CSQ and since 2020 its production processes have been validated in accordance with UNI EN 1090.

Types of tubes and cross sections

The types of bent and roll bent tubes that we find in industrial systems include:

  • Flat concentric spirals
  • Helicoid spirals with regular pitch
  • Elliptical spirals with regular pitch
  • Spirals in semi-tube form
  • Serpentines
  • Narrow radius bending for power systems
  • Various bent tubes for other applications

Metal alloys

The bent tubes used in industrial systems are generally made of steel or stainless steel.


Steel tubes are used in industrial systems subject to high pressure or high temperature, where steel is the ideal metal.

Stainless steel

The tube in stainless steel is chosen for its resistance to rust and corrosion, which are fundamental characteristics when the plant is used to process food products, gases or powders.

Bending methods

Laser cutting and bending

We have machinery for laser tube cutting which enables us to perform processing on the tubes before bending them. The processes most often required are tube-end facing and beveling to facilitate subsequent welding.

Bending and milling

when milling cannot be done prior to bending, it is done on the bent tube using our CNC work centers.