Roll Bending

Multiple bending of metal tubes and sections with tight bending radiuses

Roll bending, also known as push bending, is a bending technique for tubes, sections and beams using a bending machine with a set of rollers. This machine is called roll bender.

These rollers – usually three or five are fitted – are adjustable so as to be able to achieve tight bending radiuses and bending up or down (3D bending) is also possible.


If tubes or sections are bent when cold, this is also known as cold bending of tubes or sections.


Unlike draw bending, roll bending does not use a mandrel to support the workpiece.


Roll bending can be used for processing tubes and sections made from a range of different metals. As for draw (mandrel) bending, however, the bending tools used must be suitable for the material to be processed. We use this special bending method for the processing of tubes made from stainless steel, aluminium, steel and brass.

Roll bending can be used for processing various kinds of tubes and sections:

  • Tubes
  • Pipes
  • Bars
  • T-beams
  • Double tees (Double T-beam)
  • ms


For tube bending , we often use a combination of roll and mandrel bending, as well as 3D laser pipe. This approach enables the production of complex beam structures meeting geometric requirements that require multiple bends with tight bending radiuses.

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