Tube machining

Roll bending tubes

We are specialized in roll bending steel, stainless steel and aluminum tubes, section bars and tubular elements.

Types of tubes and cross sections

At Tecnocurve, we perform roll bending processes on a range of cross sections of metal tubes, whether round, square or rectangular, and on metal section bars.

Round tubes

Square tubular elements

Rectangular tubular elements

Section bars

Metal alloys

Roll bending is done on tubes and section bars in steel, stainless steel and aluminum.


It is one of the most widely used metals in roll bending and here at Tecnocurve we have a large fleet of machines especially built for roll bending round tubes, as well as for processing square and rectangular tubes and section bars.

Stainless steel

Roll bending of stainless steel is often required by sectors in which the esthetic aspect is particularly important, but also ease of cleaning.


Roll bending applied to aluminum is a frequent choice in sectors like lighting and furniture. When this type of material is involved, particular care is essential in handling, as it is more delicate and more easily subject to scratching and denting than other alloys.
Our processes are specialized in the use of the latest generation of CNC section bar bending machinery, capable of ensuring precision and repeatability of the roll bending process, from small to the large production runs.
Some examples of processes of roll bending on tubes and section bars
Some examples of processes of roll bending on tubes and section bars
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Methods of roll bending and processing metal tubes

Roll bending is a process of cold deformation of metal tubes, which enables us to obtain a wider bend radius than with CNC bending. In fact, the minimum average roll bending radius is, theoretically, five times the value of the diameter of the tube processed. Roll bending is done with machines called roll benders or section bar benders.


The steel tube is passed through a set of three rollers that, after one or more passages (depending on the difficulty of bending), form an arc with the bend radius required.

Bending and roll bending

Combining roll bending with the tube bending process enables us to create metal tubes and section bars with unique geometrical shapes.

Roll bending and laser cutting

Many types of processing like the drilling of holes and slots or performing mitre cuts, if done before cold bending, will make the entire production process more rapid and precise.

Roll bending and milling

When extreme precision is required, or when the bending process does not allow it, the work center is the only solution for specific processing of the tube.

Sectors of application: industrial uses

Our roll bent metal tubes in iron, steel and aluminum are used in many industrial sectors.


Tecnocurve has devoted particular attention, over the years, to the roll bending of special custom section bars to drawings, supporting our clients from the initial tests of the design of the metal section bar. A thorough feasibility study by our experts will allow the client to determine the limits and make the alterations necessary to make the section bar usable on the roll bending machinery.

The processing methods we apply to metal tubes

In addition to roll bending metals, we are able to offer the following precision processes:

Laser tube and pipe cutting

Thanks to our two modern laser tubes we are able to produce tapered, square and hexagonal holes, slots, tube-end facing, mitre cuts and marking

Tube milling

With our two work centers, here at Tecnocurve we are able to satisfy our clients even with those additional processes that require extreme precision

Lathing metal tubes

Lathing on tubes and solid round bars that can be bent or become parts of welded assemblies. Types of tubes and relative cross sections

Pipe and tube welding

We perform MIG-MAG and TIG welding of tubes, section bars and tubular elements in steel and stainless steel, employing qualified personnel in accordance with

Accessory processing

Accessory processing of tubes, section bars and tubular elements in metal Bent or roll bent metal tubes, section bars and tubular elements can also