Tubing bending and processing of pipes for a wide range of industrial sectors

A surprising number of sectors may require our skills. In addition to the more traditional sectors where we operate regularly, there are numerous tube processing operations for specific industrial applications that we are also equipped to perform.

Bending, roll bending, laser cutting and accessory processes on section bars and tubular elements in aluminum, iron and stainless steel for companies in a wide range of sectors.

Animal Husbandry

Bent tubes are used in numerous details in the husbandry sector: stall dividers for cowsheds, milking systems, gates and racks, etc.

Rail transportation

In train cars or in the interiors of buses, tramways and subways there are handrails, arm rests and dividers in stainless steel, or section bars in aluminum that serve to form the window frames.

All of them are elements that require processing by us.


Labeling installations are complex machines containing bent tubes that can be both structural, like the supports of the console for management of the system, and functional, like the bent tubes and section bars in steel that facilitate the movement of the products (bottles, jars, packets) on the conveyor belt.

In this sector, too, our know-how becomes fundamental.

Amusement park rides

Many of the rides we love at amusement parks require professional tube bending services. These go from simple arm rests and the handles on cabin doors to the actual structural parts of the ride itself. In this case our work involves mainly tubes and tubular elements in iron.


Usually for this sector we produce the railings and furnishings for yachts. In the shipbuilding sector, the tubes that are used are mainly in stainless steel for its resistance to corrosion and rust.


Industrial sweepers are products that have evolved considerably over time. This has increased the demand for bent round tubes and tubular elements in steel, applied to the machines with the function of safety roll-bars, handles or bumpers.

Automatic warehouses

This is another rapidly expanding sector.

Automatic warehouses require important structural elements that can use our bending and roll bending services for tubular elements in iron.


In contemporary designer furnishings, more and more we find round and square tube bending in painted iron or stainless steel. These parts are often used to shape pieces like bookcases, tables or chairs where, generally, the structural parts are made using bent tubes.

Types of tubes and relative cross sections

The cross sections Tecnocurve can work with for the sectors of application of its clients include:


Minimum cross section: Ø6 mm

Maximum cross section: Ø219 mm

Roll bending

Minimum cross section: Ø10 mm

Maximum cross section: Ø154 mm