Fleet of precision machines

The efficiency of modern machinery, constantly maintained and upgraded, enables us to perform accurate, high quality work on metal tubes, tubular elements and section bars so as to satisfy all your needs.

Pipe and tube bending machines

Since our field of specialization is bending metal pipes, tubes and section bars, we are particularly attentive to any new technologies in our sector to ensure that our clients have access to the best solutions only achievable by using top-of-the-range machinery.

We have 11 pipe and tube bending machines, which means that Tecnocurve is able to cover a dimensional range for pipes from Ø10 mm up to Ø219 mm and for square and rectangular tubes from 10×10 mm to 180×180 mm. Full Electric technology has been a major improvement in the production of bent tubes and section bars by guaranteeing precision and repeatability over large production runs.

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Machines for roll bending section bars

Roll bending, working with a wider radius with respect to the bend, is done by passing a tubular element through a set of 3 rollers to give it the required geometry.

At Tecnocurve we have 5 electric section bar bending machines capable of operating on tubes and section bars from a minimum diameter of 10 mm to a maximum of 154 mm.

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Laser tube

Laser cutting of tubes, in combination with bending and/or roll bending, enables us to perform processing on the tube that goes beyond just cutting, but allows us to drill holes of various kinds.


Advanced technology is not important only for the quality and precision of the result obtained, but also because it enables us to optimize costs and production timing.

Our fleet of machines includes two laser tubes that can perform processes prior to bending on bars up to 12 meters long.

Our laser tube machinery enables us to perform, in addition to laser cutting, special processes on the tube such as:

  • holes (of various shapes)
  • tapered holes
  • slots
  • mitre cuts
  • cuts on bends
  • beveling
  • cuts on thickness
  • marking
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Cnc work center

The CNC work center is used for all those processes that require absolute precision or for processes with limitations depending on the position of the processing zone in relation to the bent portion of the tube.
In just a few years, Tecnocurve has acquired two CNC work centers with three controlled axes, able to perform drilling and milling processes on metal parts already bent, or to produce internal equipment.

Cnc lathe

With a view to speeding the production process without recourse to outside suppliers, managing everything in-house, we acquired a lathing installation.
Thanks to this machinery, we are now able to perform processes on round tubes in steel, stainless steel and aluminum, like drilling, internal or external threading, tapered holes, reduction of thickness, bevels. We are able, with this equipment, to produce parts like bushings or pins to be welded subsequently to the bent tubes ordered by the clients.

Drills, presses and other machinery for accessory processing

We dispose of machines like column drills, hydraulic presses and mechanical marking machines capable of providing, when necessary, additional processing of the tube such as drilling, flattening or marking.
These machines are used to perform additional processes on bent tubes or section bars.