Tube machining

Lathing metal tubes

Lathing on tubes and solid round bars that can be bent or become parts of welded assemblies.

Types of tubes and relative cross sections

The CNC lathe can perform an additional service on straight bars for tubes and solid round bars, as well as for specific parts.

Round tubes and solid round bars

Metal alloys

We lathe tubes, section bars and tubular elements in the main metal alloys of aluminum, stainless steel and iron.

High performance cnc lathe

When the client requests additional services like threading on the inside or outside, beveling, drilling, counterboring, we at Tecnocurve can satisfy them thanks to our CNC Takisawa lathe. Our investments in high performance technology enable us to eliminate outside passages and to ensure that the client is satisfied by a single supplier.

Methods of bending and processing tubes

Certain processes, like threading or reducing the thickness, if done after bending, risk becoming difficult to be managed and complicated to perform. This is mainly due to the dimensions of the bent part, which can no longer be inserted in the lathe, as well as to the fact that performing the process on a straight bar make it decidedly quicker and more accurate, without the difficulties of doing it after cold bending.

Lathing and Roll Bending

Some processes, for example reducing the thickness of the tube in a few points, can be done both before and after roll bending. However, when it is done after, the operation is more complex and definitely less accurate.


Working from a straight bar before cold bending guarantees precision as well as speed.

Lathing and Bending

Even certain bending processes on tubes in steel may require the aid of the CNC lathe.


Among these are beveling or threading (internal and external) which, if done before bending, ensure great accuracy.

Other tube processing activities

Lathing is just one of the additional tube processing activities that we can associate with bending and roll bending. Discover all the processes we can perform on the tube:

Laser tube and pipe cutting

Thanks to our two modern laser tubes we are able to produce tapered, square and hexagonal holes, slots, tube-end facing, mitre cuts and marking

Roll bending tubes

We are specialized in roll bending steel, stainless steel and aluminum tubes, section bars and tubular elements. Types of tubes and cross sections At

Tube milling

With our two work centers, here at Tecnocurve we are able to satisfy our clients even with those additional processes that require extreme precision

Pipe and tube welding

We perform MIG-MAG and TIG welding of tubes, section bars and tubular elements in steel and stainless steel, employing qualified personnel in accordance with

Accessory processing

Accessory processing of tubes, section bars and tubular elements in metal Bent or roll bent metal tubes, section bars and tubular elements can also