Tubing bending, processing and service in the name of quality

The desire to produce the finest quality is our guide when we process tubes and provide service for our clientele.

Precision bending and roll bending of tubes

From the earliest recommendations to after-sales service, at Tecnocurve we want to assure you of our professionalism, in addition to our expertise in tube processing.


You will always find us a capable, reliable partner, at your side to give you products and services at the peak of excellence at all times.
Our skill in producing the bent tube that exactly meets your precise specifications and is incorporated seamlessly into your product is the result of experience acquired in more than thirty years in the business.


Every process we do in our plant at Tecnocurve is subject to meticulous, continuous controls. Our tireless striving for improvement and optimization of the entire production process aims toward the final result: shortening time but at the same time guaranteeing the maximum quality. We want our name to be associated with fine quality workmanship above all.


We also guarantee quality through our management of every division, each with a manager who takes responsibility and supervises every step, assisting the staff to do its best work.

Our certifications

A certified quality management system is essential to guarantee and maintain the company’s performance and value for our clients over the long term.


Tecnocurve is ISO 9001 quality certified by CSQ and since 2020 its production processes have been validated in accordance with UNI EN 1090.

Feasibility analyses

Even before we draft an economic offer, we support the client from the earliest stages of design, analyzing all the factors that can possibly affect the good outcome of the bent part, suggesting alternative solutions when they would ensure improved production.


We will study the best type of material, assess the feasibility of the bend, identify the need to use any special equipment, calculate the acceptable dimensional tolerances and machine dimensions, foresee possible problems and identify the solutions to solve them, manage packing to safeguard the work done, and these are just some of the activities that we normally undertake to provide our clientele with accurate responses and precise solutions to their needs.


Our aim is to give the client the certainty that, aside from the economic factor, once we have confirmed the feasibility of the product requested, it will be produced without any type of unexpected delay, preventing line stoppages and problems for the clientele.


The development in a 3D environment of all our tube bending machines enables us to study the geometry of the most complex bends for tubes and section bars directly in our technical office, where we can identify any critical elements due to the dimensions of the part.


Engineering at Tecnocurve is not limited just to bend tubes, but also involves study for the development of special bending equipment and precise control templates for checking dimensions, or also for the construction of welding masks.


Knowing how to design and having an adequate fleet of machines enables us to reduce time and costs in the production of special bending equipment.

Material inspection

We pay particular attention to material management.


When we receive metal tubes for processing, we perform dimensional and qualitative tests, and during handling of the material at every stage of production we apply special procedures for the handling of the more delicate metals like aluminum and stainless steel.


Extreme care goes into the packing of the finished bent tubular elements, which are identified with all the information relative to the order.


We develop the best packing plans to guarantee the security of the product, without neglecting safety during handling by our personnel at the plant, and delivery to the end client.


No less important is the possibility to request the certificate of conformity of the material issued by the steel mill. This document supplies all the technical specifications of the tube or section bar supplied.

Planning production

To manage more than 2500 orders annually in the most efficient way, we have invested in two computer programs connected to our ERP, which help us handle the entire process.


Thanks to the terminals managed by our operators, we can collect data in real time to help us assess the efficiency and productivity of every company department.


By studying the data, we are able to resolve any critical problems as soon as they arise.


We can plan and schedule our production and act promptly whenever unexpected difficulties come to our attention.


This enables us to reduce delays and give our customers a realistic forecast of delivery.

Controls in production

One of the aspects that we devote a lot of attention to is the quality of the tube as it is being processed.


To ensure that everything is done correctly, the staff undergoes constant training and updated instruction. This ensures their alignment relative to the procedures to follow and tools to use.


It involves visual and dimensional inspections (using measuring instruments that are calibrated and/or replaced periodically), scale drawings or templates for the most precise control.


In addition to this, the use of a 3D measurement arm able to take precise measurements of the bent tubes, enables us to draft highly detailed and accurate dimensional control reports.


All the processes we do on metal tubes in our departments at Tecnocurve are the result of an operating system that is constantly being improved.


Every stage of production is carried out according to tested, written procedures capable of adapting, if necessary, to the specific demands of the client.


Continuous investment in modern machinery ensures that we are always able to produce bent tubular elements and section bars with absolute precision and quality standards that are higher than average.


No less important are the continuous staff training we provide and our assiduous research for new solutions that can optimize the production process even more.

After-sales service

Service and support for the client are not limited to the initial stages of design and formulation of the offer.


If any problem should arise with the cold bent tube, Tecnocurve has a quality office that will open an internal report and investigate the cause of the problem with the aim of finding the best solution to resolve it immediately and to prevent it from occurring on future production.