Tube machining

Pipe and tube welding

We perform MIG-MAG and TIG welding of tubes, section bars and tubular elements in steel and stainless steel, employing qualified personnel in accordance with the standards in force.
There are different types of welding.

If we want to divide the field into two main types, we have autogenous welding, which is the type we do, and that is achieved by melting. Its main characteristic is that the metal base is the welded seam, i.e. it can be done without (we are talking about TIG welding) or with the addition of metal of the same type as that of the piece to be welded.

Heterogeneous welding, on the other hand, which we do not do, includes soldering and braze welding: here the melting concerns only the filler, i.e. the soldering metal, which may differ from that of the pieces to be joined.

Types of welded pipes, tubes and cross sections

Welding processes are done on tubes, tubular elements and section bars in steel and stainless steel in the cross sections listed in the table below.

Rectangular tubes

Square tubes

Round pipes

Special section bars

Metal alloys

Our tube welding department is equipped and qualified to work on metals like iron and stainless steel.


To obtain welded pipes and tubes of excellent quality, it is essential to follow strict procedures during processing and control, in addition to selecting top grade, certified materials.


We perform TIG welding on all tubes in stainless steel. Where necessary, we provide to protect the inside of the welded tube if heating could make it subject to rust.


The process can be done with or without filler metal.

Stainless steel

We perform wire welding or TIG welding on steel parts using Corgon gas in the former case and Argon in the latter.


TIG welding can also be done with or without filler.

With our welding service, we can provide the clients with products like bushings, plates or other tubes that serve to complete the finished products.


We perform hermetically sealed welds (UNI-EN 303-5) and welds compliant to standard UNI EN ISO 3834-4:2006 employing specialized personnel with qualifications according to EN ISO 9606-1 and UNI EN ISO 14731:2007.

Welding and other tube processes

Tube welding is done by Tecnocurve, only on parts that require the use of bent or roll bent tubes.

Tube welding and roll bending

We perform welding on roll bent tubes and on their parts with the aid of special templates.

Tube welding and bending

Whether working with tubes, tubular elements or section bars, our welders are trained to perform welding operations even on bent parts.

Tube welding and laser cutting

The ability of the laser cutter to produce tube-end facing enables us to perform precision welded joints.

Our tube processing methods

Discover all the processes we can perform on the tube

Laser tube and pipe cutting

Thanks to our two modern laser tubes we are able to produce tapered, square and hexagonal holes, slots, tube-end facing, mitre cuts and marking

Roll bending tubes

We are specialized in roll bending steel, stainless steel and aluminum tubes, section bars and tubular elements. Types of tubes and cross sections At

Tube milling

With our two work centers, here at Tecnocurve we are able to satisfy our clients even with those additional processes that require extreme precision

Lathing metal tubes

Lathing on tubes and solid round bars that can be bent or become parts of welded assemblies. Types of tubes and relative cross sections

Accessory processing

Accessory processing of tubes, section bars and tubular elements in metal Bent or roll bent metal tubes, section bars and tubular elements can also