Bending pipes and tubular elements for fitness machines

The type of tube used in the construction of fitness machines requires, in addition to the structural and functional elements, a certain esthetic appeal given by the geometrical precision of the bend of the tube.

The machinery and its intended use

The bent tubes and tubular elements are usually made of steel or stainless steel and are used for handles, load-bearing structures or guards on machinery such as:
  • Treadmills
  • Multifunction exercisers
  • Benches
  • Stationary bicycles
  • Rowing machines
  • Cross trainers
  • Elliptical machines
  • Rehabilitative walkers

Our certifications

A certified quality management system is essential to guarantee and maintain the company’s performance and value for our clients over the long term.


Tecnocurve is ISO 9001 quality certified by CSQ and since 2020 its production processes have been validated in accordance with UNI EN 1090.

Le nostre certificazioni

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Types of tubes and cross sections

We bend and process mainly round tubes, but also square and rectangular tubular elements and section bars.

Metal alloys

The bent tubular elements used in gym machinery are usually made in the following metal alloys:


It combines significant mechanical strength with the possibility of an appealing esthetic aspect especially when finished with adequate surface treatment.

Stainless steel

Preferred for machines intended for rehabilitation because of the ease of cleaning and sanitizing. It is resistant to the corrosive detergent products most frequently used in this field.

Bending methods

Good esthetic quality of the bent part derives both from the diameter/thickness/bend radius ratio (which is obtained using special equipment we design internally) and from the ability of the company to process the tubular elements with absolute precision.

Bending and roll bending

The handlebars, especially of the treadmills, often have unique geometrical shapes, obtained through a combination of bending and roll bending. Our operators, who are trained in the use of the most advanced machines, will make sure to guarantee impeccable workmanship.

Laser cutting and bending

For many essential details like the holes for fastening mechanical parts, passage of cables for the electrical part, or tube-end facing for subsequent welding, the laser cutting of the tube prior to bending that we propose is the best solution because it gives excellent results in less time and without extra costs for possible additional processing.

Bending and milling

When the target is greater precision, or when work has to be done in the zone near the bent part of the tube, our work centers are able to provide custom milling to specifications.