Tube machining

Tube milling

With our two work centers, here at Tecnocurve we are able to satisfy our clients even with those additional processes that require extreme precision or that have to be done in the cold bent portion of the tube.

Types of tubes and relative cross sections

In our CNC work centers, we perform milling operations on all types and shapes of metal tubes, tubular elements or section bars that we bend.

Round tubes

Square tubular elements

Rectangular tubular elements

Section bars

Milling machines

Two Akira 3 controlled axis work centers, with a work table measuring 2000×850 mm, enable us to process most of the tubes and section bars that leave our plant. The speed of tool change and an automatic feeler ensure accuracy and efficiency on small and large production runs.
An example of milling on a steel tube
An example of milling on a steel tube
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Milling and cold bending of tubes

Our milling centers complete what for us are the main processes of bending and roll bending.

Bending and milling

On the bent tubes we produce, cutting holes and slots are the main processes we can perform with our work centers.

Roll bending and milling

For sectors of application like that of roll bent linear guides, which require perfect accuracy, it is necessary to ensure that the trimming process is done with minute care which only a work center can achieve.


Our CNC work centers for milling, in addition to being used to process the tubes required by the client, are also used in the construction of those special machines that we occasionally need to perform non-standard tube-bending processes or produce control templates.

Our tube processing methods

Milling of the tube is one of the accessory processes that can be combined with other steps like bending, roll bending, laser cutting and welding of metal tubes, tubular elements and section bars.

Laser tube and pipe cutting

Thanks to our two modern laser tubes we are able to produce tapered, square and hexagonal holes, slots, tube-end facing, mitre cuts and marking

Roll bending tubes

We are specialized in roll bending steel, stainless steel and aluminum tubes, section bars and tubular elements. Types of tubes and cross sections At

Lathing metal tubes

Lathing on tubes and solid round bars that can be bent or become parts of welded assemblies. Types of tubes and relative cross sections

Pipe and tube welding

We perform MIG-MAG and TIG welding of tubes, section bars and tubular elements in steel and stainless steel, employing qualified personnel in accordance with

Accessory processing

Accessory processing of tubes, section bars and tubular elements in metal Bent or roll bent metal tubes, section bars and tubular elements can also