Tube machining

Tube bending, pipe bending, section bending

With over 30 years’ experience in bending tubes, pipes, sections and tubulars in stainless steel, aluminum and iron, we are one of the few companies in Europe capable of bending cross sections with external diameter of the tube up to 219 mm.

Types of tubes and relative cross sections

We bend rectangular, round and square tubes, and section bars of various kinds.

Round tubes

Square tubular elements

Rectangular tubular elements

Section bars

Metal alloys

We process metal tubes, tubular elements and section bars in our innovative bending department in all the following alloys:


The bent tube in steel is definitely the most widely used because of the suitability for cold bending of this alloy.

Since it is the product most often requested, Tecnocurve disposes of a wide range of equipment for bending square and rectangular tubular elements, round tubes and section bars

Stainless steel

Bending stainless steel tubes is simpler than bending tubes of carbon steel.

The bent stainless steel tube is chosen, however, for its resistance to corrosion or because in certain sectors the esthetic appearance of the tube is more important.


The technical characteristics of aluminum, particularly its reduced elongation percentage, make it the most difficult to bend. Bending tubes in aluminum requires selection of the most suitable metal alloy, and requires extensive experience in processes of bending tubes and section bars in aluminum.

For best results it is essential to use CNC tube bending machines of the latest generation, operated by expert professionals.


The quality of the workmanship achieved with our FULL ELECTRIC CNC machinery ensures great accuracy and repeatability in medium and large production runs.

Our tube bending machines in action for cold deformation of tubes, tubular elements and section bars in steel, aluminum and stainless steel.
Our tube bending machines in action for cold deformation of tubes, tubular elements and section bars in steel, aluminum and stainless steel.
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Tube bending methods in combination with other processes

Tube bending is often done in combination with other processes. By combining several activities, we are able to speed the production process as a whole, without ever sacrificing quality and precision.

Tube bending and roll bending

Combining tube bending and roll bending these two processes enables us to create unique geometrical shapes.

Roll bending and laser cutting

With laser cutting done immediately prior to bending, which is the cold deformation process as such, we are able to produce holes, slots, mitre cuts and many other processes, speeding the production process in its entirety.


Without laser cutting combined with bending, the time and costs would increase because the other operations would have to be done after bending, which would involve tooling more machines, which would require additional steps.

Tube bending and milling

The bent tubes are taken up again with accessory processes capable of increasing the accuracy of the result.
Going into detail, bending is a process of cold deformation which gives the tube a rather narrow fixed average bend radius. It is achieved using CNC machinery that, thanks to the computerized control, can ensure processes with a high degree of precision and repeatability.
At Tecnocurve, we guarantee high quality workmanship, supported by thorough analytical feasibility studies right from the first stages of design of the tube or section bar to be bent.
We rely on professional collaboration because our machines must always be operated by experienced personnel, so that we can guarantee a product of excellence and establish a lasting, valuable relationship with the client, based on trust.

Our tube processing methods

In addition to bending metals, we are able to offer the following precision processes

Laser tube and pipe cutting

Thanks to our two modern laser tubes we are able to produce tapered, square and hexagonal holes, slots, tube-end facing, mitre cuts and marking

Roll bending tubes

We are specialized in roll bending steel, stainless steel and aluminum tubes, section bars and tubular elements. Types of tubes and cross sections At

Tube milling

With our two work centers, here at Tecnocurve we are able to satisfy our clients even with those additional processes that require extreme precision

Lathing metal tubes

Lathing on tubes and solid round bars that can be bent or become parts of welded assemblies. Types of tubes and relative cross sections

Pipe and tube welding

We perform MIG-MAG and TIG welding of tubes, section bars and tubular elements in steel and stainless steel, employing qualified personnel in accordance with

Accessory processing

Accessory processing of tubes, section bars and tubular elements in metal Bent or roll bent metal tubes, section bars and tubular elements can also