Tube machining

Laser tube and pipe cutting

Thanks to our two modern laser tubes we are able to produce tapered, square and hexagonal holes, slots, tube-end facing, mitre cuts and marking of metal tubes, tubular elements and section bars. Laser cutting of tubes and pipes can be done before the other processes of bending and roll bending.

Types of tubular elements and cross sections

Our laser tubes enable us to process round, square and rectangular tubes in bars with lengths up to 12 meters. We are also able to guarantee the performance of laser cutting processes for tubes as well as for special open or closed section bars.

Round pipes

Square tubes

Rectangular tubes

Section bars

Thickness: it is possible to use the laser cutter on maximum thicknesses of 15 mm for steel and up to 6 mm for stainless steel and aluminum.

Metal alloys

Our laser tubes allow us to cut and perform other processes on tubes and section bars in stainless steel, aluminum and steel.


Laser cutting of tubes in steel guarantees excellent quality of the cut for tubes with thicknesses up to 15 mm. We can also process bars of 6 and 12 meters, drilling holes, making mitre cuts, tapered holes and much more.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is a metal that imposes particular attention to the parameters of the cut, as the reflecting surface of the tube can facilitate the formation of cutting burrs.


The intrinsic technical characteristics of aluminum make it the metal least suited to processing with the laser tube. However, by applying special techniques it is possible to obtain excellent quality of the laser cut even when operating on tubular elements in aluminum.
We have two modern cutting machines for cutting tubes with lasers, and they can cut with either a fiber or a CO2 source. These systems can speed the entire production process, ensuring precision and making it possible to perform numerous processes before cold bending.
Processing of cuts and drilling on special section bars in steel, using the laser tube
Processing of cuts and drilling on special section bars in steel, using the laser tube
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Laser cutting in combination with other tube processing activities

When other processes can be carried out using the laser tube, this immediately renders the entire production process more efficient.


For example, thanks to the tilting head (which can achieve up to a 45° angle), we can drill tapered holes that otherwise would have to be made after bending the tube, making it necessary to use another machine for drilling, and thus extending processing time.


For carpentry works such as holes, mitre cuts, slots, the use of the laser tube is a fundamental choice to greatly improve the quality of the product obtained.

Laser Tube and Roll Bending

Accessory processes can be carried out before cold bending, thereby eliminating the need to use another machine after roll bending.

Roll bending and laser cutting

We are also able to use the laser for marking to ensure traceability, make slots, drill tapered holes, perform mitre cuts, all before roll bending.

Sectors of application: industrial uses

We can use the laser tube to process products for any industrial sector that requires not only bending or roll bending, but also additional processing to complete the work.


The laser tube is a machine that serves to cut tubes, tubular elements and section bars quickly and accurately. The technology that distinguishes it allows trained operators to learn constantly and improve their skills by performing complex operations on metal tubes and section bars. In some cases, it is possible to perform the laser cutting operations near the zone of the bend in the tube. The ability to tilt the cutting head makes it possible to implement works like tapered holes or cuts on the thickness.

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