Tubular elements for medical devices

We bend and process tubular elements in aluminum, steel and stainless steel for operating rooms, dentists’ offices and aids for hospitalized patients.

Intended use of tubular elements

The bent tubular elements we produce are used for the construction of a range of medical products
  • Dentists’ chairs
  • Medical carts
  • Waste bin carts
  • Hospital beds
  • Medical lamps
  • Scales
  • Aids for the assistance and transport of patients
  • Lift platforms
  • Stairway lifts
  • Escalators

Our Certifications

A certified quality management system is essential to guarantee and maintain the company’s performance and value for our clients over the long term.


Tecnocurve is ISO 9001 quality certified by CSQ and since 2020 its production processes have been validated in accordance with UNI EN 1090.

Types of tubes and cross sections

The processes are mainly done on round tubes, square and rectangular tubular elements and section bars.

Metal alloys

Depending on the use for which the tubular element is intended, the most suitable alloy is chosen.


For structural applications in the medical sector, steel is indispensable to guarantee the strength and solidity of the finished product.

Stainless steel

For its excellent properties in terms of hygiene and low porosity, the tube in stainless steel is the only choice for the manufacture of those parts that require easy and frequent sanitizing, such as the handlebars on carts for the operating room.


For its light weight and structural strength, tubular elements in aluminum are ideal for products that have to be easy to move, such as walkers.

Tube processing

Laser cutting and bending

Where possible, we take advantage of laser tube technology to produce holes or tube-end facing, which then serve to fasten the bent tubes in the end products.

Bending and milling

Certain parts need additional processing near the area of the bend, which is possible only thanks to work centers capable of performing precision tasks like drilling holes and milling.