With thirty years’ experience in cold bending of pipes and metal section bars, the company is now able to offer its services in the engineering and design of special equipment for bending, developed with the latest generation of 3D software.
These tools are the result of careful study of the processing to be done and are constructed using wear-resistant materials so as to maintain their dimensional characteristics at length.
In this way, the entire production cycle of the part is entirely designed and managed in-house by Tecnocurve, thus reducing costs for the realization of special tools.


Engineering at Tecnocurve does not only mean designing bending equipment, but at the same time can provide considerable technical support to the clientele, taking advantage of the capabilities of its modern software to alter and display a product, making it easier and comprehensible, in order to solve even the most difficult technical problems. It is also possible to produce renderings of finished parts, assess each part in advance and adapt it to existing equipment, constructing templates for control in the digital environment.


Production engineering is often neglected but is an important element in the overall outcome. At TECNOCURVE, the part to be made is monitored in every stage of processing, from the arrival of the material to shipment of the finished part, so as not to leave anything to chance. Special software controls and analyzes the production data to develop a general plan and update the effective production situation of the company in real time and in a readily understandable format.


This is another reason why TECNOCURVE can offer its services as a reliable partner in cold bending of pipes and section bars to drawings.

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