Farm equipment

As we have already said, Tecnocurve offers its services as a helpful, reliable partner for all companies engaged in the production of farm equipment and earth moving equipment or parts of those machines, with its long experience in the sector.


The company’s reliability derives also from the system of control it applies to the processes, characteristic of any quality certification, targeted at facilitating the clientele to the utmost in the operations of assembly, thanks to the precision of the parts produced.


Tecnocurve is also willing to work alongside clients who are starting out with a new project, accompanying them with its technical consultants in the realization of the prototypes from which to start. It is always prepared to construct new equipment that can be useful for their purposes.


In addition to producing sidewalls for cabs, using its special profiles or other different ones supplied by the clients, the company is also specialized in the production of all those parts of farm machinery that require the use of curved or calandered parts, such as:


  • three-point connectors;
  • spirals for rotating harrows;
  • restraining frames;
  • roll-bars for protection;
  • keg supports.

Also, in case of very thin tubular section bars, the use of a numerically controlled work center with 6 axes permits processes like drilling and other accessory activities necessary for completion of the part. If the quantities permit, the company can also operate on pre-processed section bars on the laser cutting work center, for profiles up to 5 mm thickness.


Another strong point of the company is the production of three-point connectors on tubular section bars 100 x 100 x 8/10 mm and 120 x 120 x 8/10 mm in S355J2H EN10210 (FE510D hot bending), or S355J2H EN10219 (Fe510 cold bending), of which the company keeps stocks on hand at all times.
These parts are made with special equipment designed to reduce swelling at the center of the bend on the outer walls, delivering a well-made product for which, on request, we can enclose the certification relative to the material used.

We are at your disposal for more information.