Power plants

The systems known as POWER-PLANTS require the bending of round pipes with a diameter/radius ratio between 1.2 and 1.5, and have to comply with the dimensional tolerances for the sector indicated in European standard EN 12952-5, such as thickness of the extrados and ovalization; just for this reason, using special machines , the company is able to bend such pipes while guaranteeing the client a distortion in line with the quality standards for that sector, certifying the result on detailed inspection reports.


The curvature of these pipes is often carried out on bars as long as 12 meters to reduce the need for welding, and this requires meticulous controls and longer delivery terms.


For this use, it is necessary to process materials suitable for high temperatures such as:

  • ASTM A106 Gr. B, ASTM A333
  • P235 GH, P265 TR1, P265 TR2 …

In addition to the usual bending, we therefore also provide, on request:

  • Dimensional inspection of the job with certification by inspection report
  • Level 2 testing via sonogram with certification for possible cracks or breaks
  • Magnetoscopic controls on the pipe section


The contours produced, also typical for that sector, may require several bends on the same bar, as shown in the photo at the top of the page.


On these parts we also produce special accessory processing such as:

  • Marking with programmable engraving for identification
  • Caulking and beading at the ends
  • Labeling and identification
We are at your disposal for more information.