Tecnocurve profiles

The 3 Tecnocurve Profiles are particular types of tubular section bars, made on an exclusive basis, usually used by the client to produce the sidewalls of cabs for the following sectors:

  • farm equipment;
  • earth moving equipment;
  • truck cranes;
  • street sweepers.


As can be seen from the photos at the top of the page, these profiles present a double glass-door fitting, specially developed for cab design.


Tecnocurve can produce bends and roll bending on these profiles with variable radius, creating shapes that associate narrow radius curves with wide radius curves, obtaining cabs with innovative, modern design.


To ensure customers a finished product, ready for assembly, holes and cuts are carried out by laser tube cutting before the bending operation, this reduces lead-time and costs.


Also in this field, the use of automatic machinery makes it possible to mass produce parts, and a high quality standard is guaranteed thanks to the refinement of methods of dimension control, also achieved through the construction of templates for specific controls on each part.

The technical data relative to the three Tecnocurve profiles are as follows:


  • Cross section and material: 60×53 mm in steel type S275 J2
  • Elongation: 38.8%
  • Yield stress: 335 N/mm2
  • Tensile strength: 455 N/mm2



  • Cross section and material: 80×80 mm in steel type S420 MC
  • Elongation: 27.2%
  • Yield stress: 473 N/mm2
  • Tensile strength: 551 N/mm2



  • Cross section and material: 70×70 mm in steel type S275 JR
  • Elongation: 35.9%
  • Yield stress: 315 N/mm2
  • Tensile strength: 462 N/mm2


These are special profile sections and for this reason the bending equipment will not be like the “standard” type, used for pipes and tubular elements. We will therefore have to design special equipment for every profile and curvature radius. This is equipment that Tecnocurve has the ability to design in-house, thanks to the use of 3D software and the skill of its specialized technical personnel.


There are numerous special profiles and it would be practically impossible to provide a complete list of them. You can contact us for all your needs by sending us an email or clicking the key below: we will provide you with all the information necessary regarding the feasibility of the bend, the conditions for producing it and/or the possibility of constructing special bending equipment.

We are at your disposal for more information.