Aluminum sector

The ideal partner for the production of pipes and profiles in aluminum

Bending and roll bending tubes in aluminum is considered one of the new strong points of the company, which has succeeded through the years in satisfying the widest range of demands in this field.


Unlike steel, aluminum is a more “tender” metal and so it might seem logical to think that bending it is simpler, but it doesn’t work that way. Commercially the most widespread physical state is T5 (cooled after processing) which has reduced technical characteristics that do not make it suitable for the bending process.


Depending on the physical state needed (there are three main ones: T6, T4 and T1), aluminum yields different elongation percentages between one and the other which, if not evaluated correctly, may jeopardize the good outcome of the process. It is therefore essential, during the feasibility study (or design stage) to determine exactly which characteristics the material must have so that, during bending, the product does not break or present “substantial” differences and/or deformations in processing.


Thanks to the experience it has acquired over the years, Tecnocurve is able to work alongside its clientele and offer its services as a reliable partner in the field of cold shaping of tubular elements in aluminum, recommending the technical and physical specifications of the material to be used to obtain qualitatively valid results.

In the case of aluminum, the bending process does not involve only tubes and tubular elements, where the same equipment can be used as for processing steel, but also special extruded section bars. These bars need specific types of equipment that must adapt perfectly to the bar to be processed. Thanks to the experience of the qualified team of engineers at Tecnocurve, this equipment is designed and produced directly in-house.


The bending radii that can be achieved, for both tubular elements and section bars in aluminum, must always be evaluated at the time of the offer, depending on the technical characteristics of the alloy to be processed.


In addition to bending and roll bending, Tecnocurve can also perform processes of boring and slotting before bending, with the aid of a laser tube, and has a 5-axis work center and a CNC lathe of the latest generation that enable the company to supply its customers with products that have already undergone most of the processing they require.


The exterior aspect of aluminum makes it ideal for esthetic parts; tubes, tubular elements and section bars in bent aluminum are mainly used in the following sectors:

  • Naval design
  • Interiors for trains, buses, subways
  • Urban accessories
  • Building construction
  • The automotive industry
  • Solutions for machinery with drive cabs in general0
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