Profiles for cabs

Bending and roll bending tubular section bars is another strong point of Tecnocurve.


These types of profiles are used in the construction of cabs on machines of all kinds, from agricultural to earth moving equipment, street cleaners, etc. In other words, any machine that requires a closed or semi-enclosed cabin to protect the operator. These tubular profiles are bent to drawings and then used as sidewalls so as to take advantage of the profile surface itself as rabbet, thereby reducing the time necessary for construction of the cab, while achieving a more pleasing esthetic effect.


Usually, bending these kinds of pipes requires special equipment , designed and built by Tecnocurve in a 3D environment; even these particular types of bends are made on CNC machinery maintaining a high quality standard and constant repeatability.

Furthermore, Tecnocurve carries out some additional operations like boring and trimming, but, in the majority of the cases, holes and cuts are made by laser tube cutting before the bending operation, this reduces lead time and costs.


We would like to remind you that Tecnocurve does not process only tubular section bars for cabs but, using the same methods, it can process any type of metallic section bars on the market, of any shape and for any use. It is important to bear in mind also that we can also bend and shape the extruded section bars in aluminum used for cab walls for ultra-light solutions.

We are at your disposal for more information.